Thursday, September 17, 2009

13 years together

13 years ago, on 17th September 1996, hubby and I got together as a couple and embrace life's journey. What a time it had been!

Many laughter, many tears and for most part of it, it was pretty cool.

We have our ups and downs and we also have a lot of silent moments in between. However, I think it is safe to say that it has been very eventful - we got 2 kids didn't we?!

As opposed to when we first started to go out and all, the celebration we had today was a simple dinner (without the kids) and then we headed home for the kids. Before, we used to take long walks and midnight conversations. Now, the hubby is asleep with the kids. How things have changed. Although I sometimes miss the way we used to celebrate, I am not complaining about the current state.

Hubby said this to me just now over dinner when I proposed we go somewhere after makan "Nothing is now more important than going home to the kids" ... wow, what a change from "Let's go somewhere nice for dinner and then we can catch a movie and then supper and then we can go for coffee/ tea and talk".

Nice change though huh?

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Leona said...

Happy anniversary to u and hubs!

Yeah.. certainly our priorities change once having children...
even our conversations are more centered around the kids.