Saturday, November 7, 2009

Belated entry - Our first outing to KLCC

I cannot believe I actually did not blog about this!
When Megan was born, I was thinking about when I would be able to bring the two of them out to the mall or the park by myself. The reason is because I have this phobia about on how they would both behave and how they would both want different things at the same time.

However, September 26th 2009 marked the day I first ventured out to the big bad world with my 2 babies.

This was the state of the usually full car park in KLCC on a Saturday morning. I was a little concerned about having a screaming baby in the car while looking for a car park, so we all headed down really early.

This was our breakfast. Ryan is mad about his sugar donut and I love my Zest.

We later went to Isetan where Ryan went on his usual round of playing with the toys there. I have a rule on this - only see, no buy. Only when I think I want to, I will splurge on some toys for them, but I do not buy when they are around - bad bad bad.
We close the day with a ride on the amusement rides. This particular one is RM2 per ride and it can accomodate 3 kids. As you can see, my 2 are truly enjoying themselves. I was half afraid that Megan would fall off.
But I had to almost peel her hands off, she was holding on so tight!

A ride with the Paddington Bear. Ryan was holding on to little Megan with all his might. Clearly, he was just as afraid that she would fall off too.
All in all, it was a wonderful day. Short of one incident with Ryan almost having a melt down, the whole outing went really well. And I am happy to report that there have been several others since then. I will post when I finally have the photos up!

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