Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Megan turns 10 months old

My little baby is 10 months old today. And like any proud mother, I secretly think that she is above average in her development.

Below are things which she is supposed to be able to do.

1) She discovers new ways to play. I think it is more of a case that Megan is able to experiment more with her toys since she has Ryan to look up to. Also, there are more varieties for her to explore since Ryan was packed with toys.

2) Megan started creeping quite early on and is now super fast in getting from one chair to another. 2 days ago, she walked one step free hand. Yesterday, she took 2 baby steps free hand before she reached for the sofa.

3) Megan is supposedly mastered the art of gripping with thumb and forefinger. I think she did this earlier on too. She has also started to rip apart papers. I actually encourage this since by the time she out grows this phase, my books and mags are safe.

I practised this with Ryan and he used to tear up my Time mags. After this phase, he has not torn up a single book or mag of mine.

4) I do not think that Megan is particularly friendly towards people, especially people whom she has not seen before. But once she knows you, she will have no problems babbling non-stop, especially when she is in a talkative mood.

5) She has also recently taken on to pointing things. We started with lights and fan and now she is able to point to these things when we ask her. However, she does not perform this for strangers, so this will take some time.

6) Megan also takes on her porridge very well. Sometimes when she is hungry, she will display am impatient stance and will start to grab the plate before it is fed to her!

Wah, so fast ... 10 months has gone by. I still remember my arrival at the hospital where I went to perform the surgery to see my little Megan.

Looking forward to month 11 now ...


Mumzzy said...

that's great development in 10 months, i'd be a proud mom too :)

Busy Bee said...

Mumzzy - Yup, couldn't be prouder. Love them to bits!