Thursday, November 12, 2009

Megan refuses to sleep!

Now, this is not her fault.

Megan to date is still napping 3 times a day, each lasting about 30mins or so. Usually it is once in the morning, mid afternoon and early evening. By 9.30pm, she will be ready for bed.....that is if I am taking care of her.

When she is with the nanny, I suspect she is put to sleep whenever she gets irritable. So if I go fetch her at 8-ish, then she would already be napping. This is fine except that when she gets home, she refuses to sleep!

For a few days in a row now, we have gone to fetch her and she is already in her sarung. Hmph. Not very happy is how I am feeling now. The last 2 nights have seen her sleeping at about 11pm-12am. It is terrible for me because I would not be able to do most of the things I am wanting to.

I think I will tell nanny again tomorrow about this sleep pattern. Either that or I have to be back earlier. Really cannot wait till the day I no longer have to think about these alternatives.

What about you? Any experience like this? Did you confront the nanny?


Mumzzy said...

Buzymum: i had the EXACT same problem ! Eve would sleep at 11pm to 12am...causing me to have lack of sleep and come to work with panda eyes. So i came up with all sorts of tricks up my sleeve, the one that worked in the end was, switching off all the lights (pitch dark) at 10pm and sleep together with her. It worked! hope it will help you too :)

Kiasu Mom said...

You have to speak to your nanny for sure and ask her to set a routine for her naps. Mine will put my girl to nap twice a day and the last being 4+ and I will bring her to bed by 9.30pm with no issues.

And agree with Mumzzy, bring her to bed, switch off the light and lie down beside her. It works for me too!

mc said...

hi there, first time visiting your blog... love the design! baby sleeping is sooo important isn't it? from my experience a regular schedule is the most important, i always put my daughter to sleep at set times and tried not to veer from it at all. good luck!

Busy Bee said...

Mumzzy - I tried the pitch dark thing ... worked after she tire herself out from all that moving around!

Kiasu Mom - I am jealous that your nanny is so good!

MC - Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, kids sleeping is indeed important ... more for us to stay sane!

omg-like-duh said...

very sweet :)