Thursday, November 5, 2009

Transferring pain

2 weeks ago, the baby sitter called and said that Ryan was having high fever and he vomited. I rushed home to bring him to the doctor's.

On the way, he was really quiet and he was also very hot from the fever. In the middle of the drive, he said that he was having stomach pain. I think he was in real pain since he was scrunching his face very badly.

I held his little hand while driving and asked him to squeeze me every time the pain came. He asked why. I replied that when he squeezed me, he will transfer his pain to me and so, it will relieved him.

When he heard this, he simply shook his head, his hair moving along and said he does not want to see me in pain. He refused to squeeze my hand despite him having the pain. All the while, he was sobbing saying that he is in pain and he does not want anyone else to feel the same and so, he was willing to endure it rather than to transfer it to me.

I was so touched that I wanted to sob too!!

When we got to the doctor's, he sat quietly despite having other kids there. This is not his usual self at all. I am thinking what pain and discomfort he must be feeling in order for him to behave in this manner. And to think that he was willing to endure this rather than to have it come to me! I feel like crying even as I am writing this!

My sweet baby, words cannot describe my love for him.


Kiasu Mom said...

Awww..... such a sweet sweet boy! definitely deserve more hugs and kisses from you.

JH said...

Hope Ryan is well now !
Hug & kisses from Aunty JH

Mumzzy said...

ur boy is so understanding, what a good boy he is!

Busy Bee said...

Kiasu Mom - I know, he deserves many many hugs and kisses. Going to give him one right now.

JH - Yes, thankfully it lasted one day. Ahh, the beauty of breastfeeding him earlier on.

Mumzzy - Yup, good he is, most of the time ; )