Monday, March 12, 2007

Birthday party

Yesterday we had Ryan's birthday party.

It was supposed to start at 10.30am, but most guests did not arrive until after 11am.
We went to collect the cake and the food in the morning and then went on to prepare some boiled eggs. The Elmo cake that we bought Ryan was lovely. And the food really smells very nice.

The photographer arrived at about 10.15am and promptly set up his equipment and then we started to take some family photos. Ryan was posing very well in front of the camera, even the photographer was impressed. However, he soon grew to be irritated and insisted on having his milk milk before proceeding.

After having his dose of milk, Ryan went back out to continue with his play and tried to play pee-a-boo with nanny.

We had to move people to the swimming pool after a while as it was getting a little crowded. So, we all proceeded to the pool side where we blew candles and sang Ryan his song. I remember vividly a year ago when we did just the same thing for his 1st birthday. Hmm ... next year must change.

Anyway, the day flew by and I think I had a better time than Ryan cause I got to meet with old friends. During the entire time I was reflecting upon my life and how it has changed since I meet these people, especially people from Synovate. It is really lovely to see how far we have gone back and we are still keeping in touch.

At the end of the affair, some of my friends stayed back to catch up and also to see Ryan and his funny ways. I said a silent prayer to thank God for giving me this wonderful child, the joy of having a family and the happiness of being surrounded by old friends.

Oops, this entry suddenly seemed to be more about me than the party itself.
Anyway, I think I can safely say everyone had a good time.

Till next year then ...

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wsl said...

y u so 'kam chuk'...doesn't sound like u wor.