Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Traffic jams

I am so sleepy now but felt that I needed to blog about this.

In the last 3 mornings, getting to work has been a nightmare.
On Monday, the roads were so bad that I had to take the LRT to work.
Yesterday there was not much difference at all, but I decided to hacked it out.
Today, it was also jammed.

It took me more than an hour to reach the office, I usually take less than 30 minutes.
I was really annoyed.
Did you know that while we were ALL stuck in the jam, there were this VIP car and his entourage honked and we ALL had to make way for them. As it is the road is small enough, but to squeeze in more ... ! Someone should tell these VIPs that they should not surface during the peak period and that they should not squeeze and take our space in the morning

Then there are also some major road closures to have a rehearsal for the Police Day this weekend. The roads closes from 730-930 am....I do not understand why they cannot have the rehearsals in the middle of the day when there is less traffic on the road. Maybe if they spend less time on these things (and blocking our way) the crime levels may be able to decrease.

There was also apparently flash floods as a result of the rain the whole night before.
The question is, how many times can the authorities blame the flash foods for this horrible jam?

Sigh ... I hope tomorrow will be a better drive.


wsl said...

my sympathies to u...heard abt the rehearsal..i thk it's stupid too for them to do such thg in the morning rush hour!

Busy Bee said...

thanks man, i think it is more than stupid ah ... it is down right brainless!!!