Saturday, March 10, 2007

KTM Komuter

I had one of my worst rides today on KTM.
It was LATE!!!!!

This happened last Friday ... by 30 minutes.
Today, it was late by 45 minutes.

I could not tahan and tried to get a cab.
The notice on the counter said "SORRY, NO CAB, HAVE TO WAIT FOR 45 MINS".
I almost screamed!!!!!

I then went back to queue for the train.
Because it was late for so long, 3 train loads of people have gathered around the train.
Can you imagine the amount of sweat and smell?? I almost died.

Darn train. Darn cab. Darn public transport.
If the government wants to promote public transport, must make sure that the service is efficient right?
Otherwise, if always late and cramped, how to promote public transport??

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wsl said...

silly la. our country is really behind time,..rotten.