Thursday, March 8, 2007

Missing my little one

I am missing Ryan badly now.
You see, nanny has gone for a holiday to the Philippines and so, I was left to care for Ryan on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday, my parents came to take him back to PD for the rest of the week as I could not take anymore leave.

This is not the first time that Ryan is sent to my parents' but each time, my heart aches and I will miss him terribly. This is even more so if I hear him cry over the phone. But luckily this time, my mum said he was rather happy and only look for me when he wanted to sleep.

Mum says that Ryan has been getting better and better at jumping across the furniture. He almost gave my father a heart attack when he jumped from a small stool to the couch which is about 1-1.5meters away! He also talks more now, but my parents sometimes cannot make out what he says, so it is a lot of to and fro till they get through to each other.

My mum also says that Ryan eats a lot, really a lot compared to when he is with me. I am not sure why that is the case. Maybe he bullies me, maybe he prefers his milk milk more than his porridge, or maybe he eats more junk when he is with me, I do not know.

I am counting the days till he comes back on Sunday when we will have his little party.
I am so so wishing Sunday is tomorrow.

Sigh, mummy miss you like crazy little darling Ryan.
Sleep tight tonight.

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