Friday, March 9, 2007

Disturbing news

Yesterday there was an article about a teenager who gave birth to a baby in the school's sick bay.
Today the news reported that her step father has been arrested to assist in the investigations.

This piece of news troubled me in 2 ways:
1) Although it was not mentioned that the step father raped her, it implies it to be so.
How can people be so sick as to commit this type of crime?
What has happened to our society that such a hideous crime can be committed in their own homes? What happened to security and safety one is supposed to get at home?
What exactly drives a person to commit something like this?

2) How is it that a girl can be pregnant and yet, not known to her friends and family?
The news reported that she was "on the larger side" ... therefore not noticeable.
I am just appalled that this is given as an excuse to say that this poor girl has been ignored by people around her. I am assuming that she still has friends and a mother, what happened to them? Did they not notice her? Did they not care about her? Were they not curious?

As if this piece of news is not enough, I just read on the star online that a 67 year old deaf and mute man raped a teenager and another 31 year old deaf and mute man raped a disabled factory worker. .... what has the world come to???

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