Thursday, September 13, 2007

All these nights

I have been one of those blessed mums who have been rather successful in breastfeeding my child.

Regardless of what one may say about the hardships and the cumbersome routine, I still strongly think it is the easiet arrangement one can make for the benefit of the child.

Just before Ryan turned 2, I stopped pumping at work. Mainly because my produce was low (due to lesser stimulation) and also Ryan is depending less and less on milk now.

The funny thing is that once Ryan got the hang of powdered milk, he started to ask for "mummy's milk milk". I was a little worried that he might reject the powdered milk and continue to latch on to me.

However, moving past these last few months, Ryan has been showing more and more signs of weaning - he does not ask for breast milk so often now, he wakes up lesser during the night for comfot suckling ... most of all, he has started to ask for bottled milk milk.

About a week ago, Ryan started to sleep on his own bed. He also started to ask for Milo, which we mix with milk. After his bottled "chocolate" milk, he will sleep on his side. For the first few nights, he will wake up asking for mummy's milk milk ... then one night he woke up rejecting me and asked for Milo!!! Wah, I never knew till now the torment one has to go through to make milk in the middle of the night. It is not an easy task at all ... most times I wake up and not being able to sleep again. Sigh ...

However, last night, a breakthrough happened. Ryan did not wake up at all and continued sleeping till the morning. I was really happy to see that he is so grown up. However, even thought he did not drink his midnite milk, his diaper was still overflowed .... I wonder why.

Now, he is already asleep.
Wonder if tonight he will also sleep right through ....

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