Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My weekends

Previously, weekends were considered heaven for me, it's a time where I can do my own things and a chance for me to recover from the week and to sleep as late as I want and doo all the things that I like. Heck! It may also be the days I do nothing!! Ahh ... the good old days.

Ever since I had Ryan, my definition of weekend has changed dramatically.
I can no longer sleep as late as I want to, rather I have to get up early to prepare for the day, the most I sleep as late as Ryan sleeps, no later.

I also no longer have time for myself, now, all my time surrounds Ryan.
The only possible me-time I would have is when he naps in the afternoon. But then I would have been too tired and I also nap!

Last Sunday was particularly tiring. I sent Ryan to Gymboree in the morning for Play Gym and then paid a visit to the bookshop - this is my effort to make him love books, not sure if it is working, but I know he finds some books facinating. Then, after that it was time to go home for his nap and lunch ... but my dear boy decided to sleep on the way back and so I am stuck in the car till he wakes up. This usually happens and I spend most of my weekend naps in the car until he wakes up. Wht not wake him up? Well, simply because I do not want to risk having a sleep deprived child who will throw tantrums the whole day! After napping, he wakes up (with good temper, thank goodness) and we went to have my pre-prepared lunch at home. The we head out again to Gymboree for his Arts class. What?! Arts!?

Well, you see, when we signed him up earlier this year, it was a 3-in-1 package - Play, Arts and Music. Play is good, music is ok, but Arts was really not so exciting for me. Maybe that is because I am totally a flop in this area. But anyway, Ryan enjoyed the class and he made decent stuff, most importantly he was very proud of himself with the things he had created.
Will post his creations later.

But all in all, no matter how tiring the weekends are, it cannot beat the high I get when I see Ryan being happy and growing so well.

Ahh ... the joys of motherhood.

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