Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ryan goes to school

I have been toying with the idea of sending Ryan to school for some time now.

After much hear-say and reading, I am almost certain that I will send him to this kindy in Jalan Gasing. Granted, the fees are not cheap, but I am happy with th word of mouth recommendations as well as the way the teachers are teaching.

I have also been there once and I am impressed with the level of activity that goes on there. I am also happy with the way they teach the children to read as well as the emphasis to let children be.

Yesterday, I decided to bring Ryan there again to see how he would react. The last time he was there, he was not even 2 years old. Now, I think he should be able to accessed better.

To prepare him for this visit, I have been talking about school for a few nights. All the time I just ask if he wants to go to school. The answer is always positive, with the exception of when he is angry.

During the drive there in the morning, the following conversation took place.
Me: Ryan, tomorrow we go to school ok? We see the teacher.
Ryan: Ryan go to school ah?
Me: Yes, Ryan go to school.
Ryan: Ryan want to go school.
Me: Go school for what?
Ryan: Go school to make friends.
Me: *Doink*

In that visit, I thought that he will probably be too shy and keep sticking to me. But surprisingly, he held on to me for like 5 minutes and then he warmed up to the teachers and then he even joined in the younger class and had a good time with them.

I was busy talking to the principal and so was out of his sight. His daddy also made periodic appearances, but surprisingly, Ryan did not batter an eye lid. He just occasionaly looked up and see if he can spot us. Regardless of whether he sees us or not, he will still carry on with the kids. I was so relieved. When it was time to go, Ryan actually frowned and shook his head. Luckily, we managed to leave without creating a scene.

When I went to pick him from nanny's in the evening, the following conversation took place.
Me: Ryan went to school this morning ah?
Ryan: Yes, Ryan go school.
Me: Do you like the school?
Ryan: Yes ... school got toys wor ... can go play toys.
Me: *Worried*

... so Ryan is saying that he wants to go school to make friends and play toys ... mummy is wondering when he will say "stuyding"


Suzette said...

Don't worry about 'studying' at this stage. It is a good start that Ryan sees school as a fun place for meeting friends and playing with toys. At his age, his activities should be around playing, and he learns from playing.

Don't make it so boring -- 'studying'?? :P I always tell Ian to go to school to play, to swim, to share with his friends his holiday stories, etc. :)

Busy Bee said...

Ya, I guess I should not be over emphasizing studying to him now ... what to do ... I am really a kiasu mother!