Wednesday, September 5, 2007

NS trainee dies of fever

This was in the news 2 days ago.

When I read it, I thought, "Hmm...another case". Honestly, I cannot remember the exact number of articles I had read on the negatives of this NS training thing.Really, can you remember one single article that had said something positive about it? I mean something positive from the participants or their families, voluntarily.

I am sitting here thinking about the similar training that our neighbors have and I am almost embarrassed to think how we can fall so far behind them.For sure I cannot remember reading about their trainees getting lost in the jungle, getting slapped by the trainers or dying of fever?? How can this happen? And yet, every time these things happen, the authorities come out to say that they will "investigate" and there will be "transparency" - hullo! what did they expect the public to expect? No investigations and more things swept under the carpet??

But somehow, things are like that ... I bet you, after today, there will be no mentions of this poor boy who had died of fever in the camp. Most most they will say that he died of natural causes which attacked suddenly and there was nothing they can do to prevent it blah blah blah ... trust me.

As of yestreday, there was a short article on this which said that the boy had received proper medical attention and that the allegations where he was not given proper medical care was baseless. Come on man, what did you expect them to say?

I am dreading the day which Ryan reaches the age when he is supposed to be in this program - but wait, as with all things in Bolehland, this program is probably going to be abolished by then ... else, someone please tell me how to get a quickly approved PR from the land down under, quick!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, do have a look at the website below. You can do the so called test to see whether you qualify. I think there is a preference for IT experience ppl although apparently when you do go there the jobs related to IT are limited. Do let me know if u need to know anything more on fees and etc (not that i am agent but just a person who have gone thru the process). Not sure whether u r really serious on this PR application thing coz it is normal to get frustrated with our current government policies.:)