Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh My God!!

In today's news, there was an article of a little girl who was sexually assaulted and murdered. Check this link

As a mother, I find this piece of news really traumatizing. Is this the kind of society we have evolved to? I mean, what kind of an animal would be capable of such a thing? I remember reading about cases like these happening to adults many years ago and already then we were horrified. But now, the murderers are moving in to kids! Why? What have they done to deserve this? I am actually crying now, thinking of the pain and fear that the little girl must be feeling when the murderer did this to her. Can you imagine if you are the mother of this child? I would rather die then to be subjected to this pain I know my child suffered.

I guess only when one becomes a parent would you then truly understand the pain when your child is hurt. Before I had Ryan, I was always indifferent to these things, thinking that I do not have a child yet, so the pain is not "felt". Ever since Ryan is born, I fear for almost anything out there. What is some stranger kidnap him? What if he falls on his head and breaks his neck? What if he broke his leg/ hand./ wrist etc? What is someone deceives him and cons him of his money? What if he gets his heart broken by some girl? What if he cannot study and has no aim in life? What if he gets some sickness no medicine can cure? What if he turns out to be a total brat? What if what of what if??? I am so fearful and everyday I live thinking the worse that can happen and yet I tell myself constantly that God will watch over us and keep us safe ... but still ... the fear is there.

However, as I observe day to day, there are still little things that us parents can do to make a difference to our child's life.

1) Always strap the child in when in car. Do not take for granted that the distance is near and the speed is not fast. Nobody knows what can happen!

2) Always make sure your child stays close to you. Never let him run off on his own and disappear from your eye sight, even for a second especially in crowded places. All it takes is for one person to snatch him and he will disappear for good!

3) Never allow your child to go out on his/ her own, even if it is going across the road. You never know when someone is outside lurking waiting for an opportunity to kidnap your child.

4) Never frighten your child with the dangers that he/ she is exposed to, instead explain and reiterate and repeat. i.e. never frighten the child with fire - instead explain why playing with fire is not acceptable and the consequence of his actions. Although they may not understand it fully, at least they are taught the right thing and not unnecessarily frightened. This way of managing kids will ensure that they understand that there is a rationalization process in hand and that there is an outcome to all actions. Although it is tough to do this, I believe the long term benefit is there.

5) Know basic first aid, keep some medicine and bandages at home. Know the nearest hospital, the doctor's numbers etc.

And so, this is my 2 cents worth of safety procedures we can all carry out to make a difference to our children's life.

May they be safe today and everyday, always.

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