Sunday, January 6, 2008

Conversations with Ryan

Conversation #1
Just now in the evening, there was a fireworks display somewhere in town. It was not a big manificent one, just a small one. But it did manage to get Ryan excited and he was jumping up and down happily.

He then asked me to carry him so that he can see better. As soon as I did that he started telling me all sorts of things about the fireworks and he carried on and on and on.
And each time I would just say "Hmmm..." "Hmmm..." "Hmmm..." After a while Ryan turned to me and said "You don't Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm like that, you must talk ma".

*Doink* I cannot believe he said that! And I thought I was being polite!

Conversation #2
It was raining in the afternoon and spoilt our chance to go for a swim. Ryan has been in the house for the whole day andI thought I wanted to bring him down to the pool for him to stretch his legs.

As it was raining, we went under one of the huts and started to blow bubbles with his inflated elephant. After a while, he was laughing and began squeezing the elephant harder. The elephant gave out a little squeak and he laughed out and asked "oi, why got sound?" ... When I said I did not know, he said "Because the elephant inside got air".

LOL I was stunned for a while cause I did not expect him to be able to say that. I am amazed with his sense of logic. Hope that it is just not because he heard me say before and something he has figured out.

I am enjoying motherhood more and more each day. Conversations like these really make my day.

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