Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sing songs

Last Wedneday was a holiday for us working in KL cos Badawi decided that KL should be included in the Thaipusam celebrations as the traffic will be bad for us working folks.
(wonder if he will declare tomorrow a holiday, since i am sure traffic will be bad too)

Anyway, it was a good day for me cause i went to do my hair and shoe shopped.

When I got back home, tired and some Ringgit short, I was watching Ryan play and he suddenly burst out singing.

"4 jelly fish
4 jelly fish
4 jelly fish, sitting on the rock,
One fell off,

Now, I know it does nto rhyme and all, but it was amazing that he was able to sing the whole song and the words were all properly pronouced too!

He then proceeded to sing out loud "Baa baa black sheep" entirely.

I was beaming the whole night. And Ryan has not been shy to show off to all that would like to hear him sing.

Mrs. M said that he also likes the Ginger Bread man song. I have not idea how that is sund, but I am looking forward to the day he sings it out loud to me!

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Suzette said...

Wow! Ryan really grows up now! Makes you feel really good, isn't it? :) Did you record it down? Take your phone and record it, good to show him when he is big later... :)