Sunday, February 3, 2008

CNY and house mess

For the last 3 decades, I have always been cleaning and cleaning the house before CNY ... sometimes right up to the night before and it is bloody tiring!!!

I am not sure if I should be thankful for this or not since I know I would not be so diligently cleaning if there is not an occasion to look forward to, but on the other hand, I do not want to be so tired of cleaning and cleaning and cleaning!!

Yesterday was a public holiday and I spent the first half buying stuff to help organize the cleaning and the other half actually cleaning and cleaning. Till today, I have been able to throw a lot of stuff out and have been making trips back and forth to the rubbish bin outside. Think Ryan also tire himself out seeing me doing this!

And I am not sure I would entrust someone else to do this cleaning for me since I know that person will never throw my things without asking me and then it ends up almost as if I am the one doing it right?

Anyway, the rooms are done now. Will work on the shoe cabinets tomorrow and the kitchen too.

Sometimes I wonder why we go through all these for the sake of 2 days??? of which I may not be at home anyway!!!

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wsl said...

I kept asking myself that question when I was cleaning up too. I think God foresaw that there will be people like us in the population he created festivals like that we are forced to sit down and look back how much dirt and rubbish we leave unattended every 12 months.

It's funny though..i promise myself every year that I will clean up diligently so that I don't have to suffer every pre-CNY..but I never kept my promises though.