Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I am FAT

I am not sure if age has a hand in this but I think that I tend to put on weight faster as I age. Really.

The first time that weight showed up was when I went to uni. Most of my friends lost weight because they could not adapt to the cooking and life. Me, I just went with the flow and was actually very happy and of course, I put on weight. All those nightly meetings did not do me any good because the "jamuan" after was usually too good to resist. Even if you could, your stomach would be growling. And so, the damage started.

Then when I was working on my first job, I was so stressed, I just ate and ate. Of course I put on weight too : ( Lucklily when it was near my wedding, I lost most of the weight I put on when I was working and so it was ok .... for a while.

Since Ryan was born, I too put on some weight although my excuse then was that I could not diet - else Ryan would have no source of nutrition! However, I did lose some weight and it seems harder this time round compared to when I was younger.

Now, I join the gym with the intention to lose some weight. But all I did was increase my stamina, but the weight seems to be still there!!! I am getting a little frustrated now.

However, the good side is my husband think I did not put on any weight. Although I know it is a terrible lie, it makes me feel less bad ..... ok, ok, I am silly.

Chinese New Year resolution #1 - Hit the gym and lose the fat!!!

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