Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why? Where? What? How?

I have long feared the day when Ryan would start asking me questions I cannot answer.

This came through some months back when Ryan first started to ask "Why?" Actually, it did not start with "Why?" .... it started with "Huh?", then proceeded to "Why?"

Now, Ryan's questions are a little more sophisticated.

Me: Ok, it's time to sleep already. Come one.
Ryan: Sleep where?
Me: Sleep on the bed.
Ryan: Sleep already, do what?
Me: Sleep already, then get up go to school.
Ryan: Go to school do what?
Me: Go to school to learn A-B-C, count 1-2-3
Ryan: Learn A-B-C for what?
Me: So that Ryan can read lor.
Ryan: Read what?
Me: Read story books
Ryan: Read story books for what?

You see, this line of questioning will never end, never. It will carry on and on and on till something distracts him, or till I lose my patience, which is quite rare.

Sometimes, when I think about my conversations with Ryan, I reflect on the day he was born. My little baby is growing up so quickly!!

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