Tuesday, March 4, 2008

3rd birthday

I am not sure if I am the only mother who does this, but I am sure that I still love Ryan very much regardless.

When Ryan turned 1 year old, I held a dinner for nanny and us on the actual day with a birthday cake and another celebration several weeks later for the family and friends. We had a good time celebrating it and had good, fatty food. Ryan had a huge birthday cake and plenty of toys to play with. On his first birthday, we even had a photo shoot taken at Covershots.

Fast forward, on his second birthday, we had a photograher over to cover live shoots instead of a studio one. We also had the same 2-time celebration and had all the family and friends over for a weekend. Ryan had a big Elm cake and he was very excited about it too. Again, we also had a cake on the actual day.

In the next 2 days, Ryan will be celerating his 3rd birthday. However, this year, it is a little different. Due to logistics issues, Ryan will not be around this weekend and the next week. By the time he gets back, the birthday mood has subsided.

Therefore, I have decided that for this year, he will celebrate his actual birthday with his friends at the school. I have gotten him some cup cakes and healthy party pack for the other kids. I will also be around to photograph him and to shoot him on tape.

At night, I will host a steam boat dinner with bro and nanny and hopefully, have a great time. The cake at night is rectangle with Mickey Mouse on it. I willl take a photo and post it later. The cupcakes in the morning are chocolatey and small enough for little hands. I did not invite anyone over to celebrate. Just the few of us. I figured, all that matters is that he is happy and that he celebrates it with people who matters most to him - family and friends.

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