Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What is your number?

If you go around town, you will see that Prudential has launched this campaign called "What is your retirement number?" ... or something along this line.

It is a fairly catchy question since I am sure everyone will also want to know their number. But not many people want to get involved in the process of discovering their numbers and so, many will approach their future with apprehension.

I am one of those people who constantly think about money - how to get more of it, how do I ensure my kid has enough of it for the basics in life, what do I do to make sure that I not only retire with the money I need, but also to be able to pass it on to my grandchildren etc. ... constantly, I think about these type of questions.

One of my biggest fear is that I need to depend on someone else when I retire. I am sure that is not a nice feeling and I really do not want to come to that situation. I want to approach life with anticipation, not apprehension.

And so, I have taken proactive steps to know what my number is. I have taken some baby steps, not quite ready to take mummy steps though. Nonetheless, I have began my search to finding out my number when I reach 55 years old, or maybe younger, if possible.

And so my friends, what is your number?

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