Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Argh!!! Not enough time!!!

There is a Chinese saying that goes "Broad eyes, narrow stomach". This means that we generally order or cook more than we can eat ... meaning that we are greedy.

Fortunately this does not happen to me food wise. Unfortunately, it happens to me in 2 main areas of my life - buying books and activities carried out in a day.

Reading has been a hobby of mine since the day I knew my ABCs. But it recently grew into a major problem for me because I am running out of space on my shelves. And so I am constantly cleaning and arranging and still, I do not have sufficient space.

What to do?? I bought some storage boxes from Ikea to store them ... and yet, I still have NO SPACE. It did not help that Ryan's books are also adding to the shelves. I love to read, hubby does not. But I would want to encourage Ryan from young and so, all these books that I had bought for him. To date, I am happy that Ryan is picking up on this good habit - another reason why the books need to keep coming!

The other problem I have is the activities I think I can do in a day. Someone wrote about the limited number of hours we have in a day and I began to think about my day. Every morning when I wake up, I already have a list in my head about what I need to do on that day. I usually get most of it done, and so I am ok. However, I have this bad habit about trying to push myself to do more and then I end up agitated and stressed out.

Example is that I think I can come home to cook for the family, clean the dishes, clean Ryan, feed Ryan, hang the clothes, iron them, tidy the sitting room, read to Ryan, put Ryan to sleep, plan for Ryan's food the next day, clean Ryan's bottles .... and then finally go through the letters - all this done between 8pm - 11pm. After that I will attempt to watch some TV (while clearing my old files) and then some reading before bed - when I am doing these things, I do not feel that it is a lot. But when I collapsed in bed and I reflect - sh**! I have done so much!!

And so recently, I started to only do things that matter for the night and leave others till tomorrow. It really irks me when I know I am going to bed with some things not done, but I think it is better than stressing me out totally.

Sigh, so many things to do, so little time.

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