Saturday, March 29, 2008

Funny phrases

The following phrases came in the last week:

1) Ryan was playing his gun (I did not buy this, a friend did) and his daddy said "What a nice machine gun you have (actually it is not a machine gun, hubby was just chidding him)!"

Ryan - "No la, this is a power gun, not machine gun. See, I got power, I can shoot you!" Ok, so I know it is a little violent, but it was really funny.

2) I was feeding him his dinner yesterday and then when he refused, I said that I was sad.

Ryan - "No, no, don't be sad. I buy you lollipop ok?" I never did this ... don't know where he learnt it from.

3) 2 days ago, Ryan's kinddy had a farewell party for one of the teachers. I asked him about it when he came back.

Ryan - "yes, school got party for Ryan."
Me - "Huh? School got party for Ryan, why?"
Ryan - "Yes, because Ryan got no party, so the school give party to Ryan"

I am not sure why he was expecting a party, but his logic was that because he does not have it, therefore the school got him one!

4) On Wednesday night, I was in the car with Ryan when he spoke to my mum. He was telling her that he had shouted to the nanny's husband because he was angry.

Mum - "Why you shouted at uncle? Po Po told you cannot shout at people ma. Must say sorry ok?"
Ryan - "NO! Ryan not sorry!"

*Doink* He actually knows what it means!!

Looking forward to another week of development.

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