Thursday, March 6, 2008

3 years already

I saw my baby at about this time 3 years ago in the hospital.
I first breast feed him then.

Since then, he has been the joy of my life and the reason I am so motivated.
Truly, when a mother says that she lives for her child, she is not joking.

It really is a different and uplifting experience.
Looking forward to celebrating his birthday in school later today.

Ryan helped packed the party packs. He was such a good boy and did not attempt to take any of the things I planned to put inside ... except for a yellow baloon. : )
All through the packing, we talked about who the party packs were for and which one was his.
Think he is just as excited as I am about this.

Till the morning then.


WSL said...

happy birthday dear ryan. I still remember ur grumpy little look when i saw first saw u exactly 36 mths ago. You must have been annoyed that mommy brought you to this irritatingly bright place isn't it? but..i m sure u r enjoying every bit of life now..may you grow up to be a wonderful young man..don't be like your kiasu mommmy huh..

Busy Bee said...