Saturday, March 8, 2008

Letter to the PM

In the newspaper yesterday, it was mentioned that the PM had a website which we could post our questions, suggestions, criticism, etc. and he will answer them personally.

Me, being the sceptical one, still wrote to the PM, all the time thinking that maybe I should give him a break.

My questions surrounded the education system we have, the quotas imposed in the universities and the quality of higher education in Malaysia.

When I pressed the SEND button, I was still thinking that maybe I was too harsh on the old man and I should give him a chance to answer me.

What luck, today I saw a mail from the guy himself. However, when I clicked on it, I was hugely disaapointed with the reply. It was just a jpg file which had his face on it with 3 sentences - thanking me for the mail, the assurance that what I wrote is taken into consideration and the fact that he/ or his clowns will contact me to follow-up.

It was not even a semi-customized mail, as in having a fixed format with certain insertions for name etc.

So disappointing. 2 beers for the correct guess of who I will vote tomorrow. Serious.

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