Monday, March 10, 2008

March 8th 2008

On March 8th 2008, history was created in Malaysia through the 12th General Elections. Besides it being my first time to vote, it also is the first time since 1969 in Malaysian history that the Barisan Nasional failed to acquire its required 2/3 majority to rule the country.

Another thing ... 5 states fell to the Opposition. This has never happened before. Kelantan (as previous), Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor went to the Opposition and clearly the voice of the people has been loud and strong.

Some of those who were defeated were expected while some of them were a shocker. I am still in shock with the results of it all. I am also proud to say that Malaysians have come together for a common cause - to have the Government hear us, loud and clear.

I am curious to know how the marker will react to this news tomorrow. I am also curious to see how the Government will be formed. I am also curious how the next 4-5 years will shape up.

Whatever it is, this change should be a good thing for the democracy of the country. We have a renewed hope for our children.

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WSL said...

hehe..did we overdo it? 5 states man. we coudl have toppled the govt!