Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Almost the end now ....

Ok, so we have cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and spent and spent and spent ... so what now?

We are coming to the 13th day of the Lunar month and CNY will be over in 2 days when we celebrate Chap Goh Mei. In the past years, the end of the celebration makes me a little depressed cause I am wondering why I spent all the money and I would really regret it.

However, this year, I decided that I would only spend on the necessary and not over spend and cause myself all this misery. As a result, I fell happy throughout the celebrations knowing that I do not need to pay all those credit cards.

The only small regret I have this year is that I MAY have bought too much cookies. Looking at them now makes me want to eat all of them and I know I will really kill myself when I see the scale. So next year, I am going to buy lesser of the cookies and perhaps save myself from all those calorie guilt. ; )


Suzette said...

I never bought any cookies in the past. Always 'steal' from my mom and MIL, in small containers.

This year, I broke the tradition, bought 4 boxes of cookies, 1 gave away, 1 for my mom. 2 for the house and they are still in the house ---> UNOPENED!!! LOL!

I will NOT buy any more cookies in the future liao. Unless I have open house (never did).

Busy Bee said...

good for you!
all the cookies I bought this year are opened and they are all half eaten and my boy decided he does not like them!!

next year, i will buy half of what I bought this year.