Sunday, January 6, 2008

Second day at school

Second day at school and Ryan was late - thanks to me of course!

Only managed to wake him up at 8am and left the house at 8.30am .... school starts at that time too! Anyway, we managed to get to school by 9am and again, Ryan walked bravely into the class.

I kissed him bye bye and went to the gym. By 12.15pm, I was there with nanny and he ran out happily. Today it was better since he still has his shirt tucked in. On the first day, his shirt was all out.

His teacher mentioned that he was ok throughout and he did not cry at all. I am so proud of him for that. However, one thing that bothers me is that he is not eating much throughout school and he does not eat much in the morning too. All he eats is just cheese and water. Maybe I should see if he wants to drink Milo ... I will buy the kid size one for him to try.

Sigh ... so fast ... he is growing up so fast.

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