Monday, October 27, 2008

2 laughs & a tumble

This morning, Ryan has managed to make me laughed out loud and also gave me a heart attack.

After coming back from the market, I found Ryan and hubby in bed already awake and were talking - different indeed from the usual screaming between them. We were roughing around in bed when Ryan stood up and said loudly (while clutching his heart) "Oh, my poor heartbeat!". I was laughing while asking him where he got that from. Apparently his teacher says that in clas. Poor soul, guess the kids are really taking a toll on her heart!! But the dramatic way he said it was really funny.

The other incident happened while I was preparing breakfast. Ryan was observing me and hubby was talking to him. All of a sudden, Ryan was on the floor - he had slipped and fell from his little chair. The chair has a pointed corner as it was one of those sturdy wooden chairs from Ikea. He started to cry and I had a scare, thinking that he may have fractured a rib or cracked his skull or something, judging from the way he was crying. I was relieved when I found that it was only a scratch on the back, although I do think that it is painful.

After some ice and a lotion, he was up again. Some ice-cream on his milk helped too I guess ; )

After breakfast, he was in his little pool playing with some water balloons and talking to himself. Then when I started to hang clothes in the balcony, he said loudly to me "Oww ... pain pain". When asked where his pain was ... he said "On my beautiful body lor". I immediately burst out laughing - I did not imagine he would be able to say that!! He started laughing too when he saw I was so tickled, although I am not sure he knew what I was laughing about.

All in a morning's worth of parenting - it sure is rewarding!

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