Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kids then and now

Ryan is now slightly over 3 and a half years old. Time really passes quickly when you are running after a toddler. It seems like it was just yesterday that I had him in my arms in the hospital. I remember not being able to bond with him immediately though, it was one of those things which I needed time on. Now, I cannot bear to be apart from him.

My mum says that Ryan is more active and more talkative than me or my brother was. Yup, I acknowledged, time has changed. Kids nowadays are really different from our time, they learn so much more and they know so much more than what we used to know.

Ryan can express himself very well and we will know exactly how he feels or what he needs/ wants most of the time. Even when he is agitated, he will still be able to articulate himself.

His vocabulary is also better than when I was 3 years old. He knows what a Sphinx is ... I hadn't got a clue till I was able to read leh.

He can also remember most things after being told once or twice. He also remembers what we say and so, we cannot go say something and then change it midway - he will remember and asked you about it and then get irritated at you for changing the rules midway. Really.

He is also able to eat on his own, although at home he wants to be fed.

He is also able to help me scrape the potatoes and mash them with mayonaise. Sometimes he is also able to help me with the dishes, after much water and soap of course.

Ryan understands rules very well - "no tv on a school nite" "no eating animals" "when i count to 5, I want you to ..." etc.

Ryan is a rules person (till today anyway), he always wants to do things in a certain way, have a certain set of processes to follow - oh dear, I hope he will not end up to be an accountant or a compliance person!

And Ryan is also into girls, pretty ones at that, especially if the girl has long hair. He will be extremely pleased ....

Oh yes, kids nowadays really know and understand so much more.

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WSL said...

wat the heck is SPHINX?