Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Week 28

I am going into my third trimester now and I really feel that this pregnancy is passing by very quickly. With Ryan, it had felt long and the end was like a moving target.

This little one is already going into the third and last stage. From now on, the growth will be great and I will feel the kicks more.

With Ryan, he seemed to have a fixed schedule. No noise after 11pm, else he will kick me hard. And I had to be up by 7-8am, else the kicks will come. Pretty much like how he is now and since he was born.

This one though is a little different. If I move, the baby will movee with me, no matter the time of day. I could be just getting up for a midnight toilet trip and the baby will be moving too. Thank goodness, it rests when I lay down. At least that is a consolation. And I wonder what the kid will be like ....

Lately, I have been eating like nobody's business. Literally every 2-3 hours, really. Else I will feel very hungry and will not be able to function. I think that is why I have been feeling really big, although I have only put on 8kgs. My tummy skin feels like it is about to burst soon.

Anyway, I am looking forward to enjoy the remaining months of this pregnancy. So far, it has been good, although a little tiring for me.

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Suzette said...

Congratulations! My, my, my... I didn't visit your blog a while and you are preg??!! Wow! 28 wks already, very soon bb will pop. :D So happy for you!