Sunday, October 26, 2008

MPH Warehouse Sales

Yesterday I went to a book warehouse sale hosted by MPH. I must say that although I am a huge fan of books, I have never really gone to any of these sales because I had always thought that it was going to be a bunch of really old books and dirty.

However, EJ told me that it was great and that the discounts will be fabulous. So, I went. I reached at about 9.30am and already there was a crowd. I had to park some distance away and silently thought that it better be worth the walk, it was hot!

When I reached, EJ was already there and we went inside. Wow! I thought, it was really huge. A little dusty perhaps, but it was good. Although there were many people, at least they were organized and everyone was in a generally good mood. I did see some silly people with their strollers, why would anyone want to bring babies to a warehouse sale?? The dust is crazy!!

I went only looking at the book shelves although the books in the boxes on the floor would have been better bargains. Somehow, I do not think I can just squat there and search in my condition. Maybe next year, promise I won't bring the baby along.

I ended up buying like 7 books for myself and 4 for Ryan, including 3 colouring books which were a steal at RM5 per book. And it all cost me only RM200. There were some sticker books there but they were no different theme than what Ryan has now. There were also a range of kids' books organized into junior readers, teen, etc. and they were the most organized of the whole lot! Says something ain't it? I will buy these next year when Ryan (hopefully) would have learned to read by then.

There is something about books that gives me this therapeutic feeling. It is always a good feeling, sort of like they are my friends, my reference ... if only there is a talking book!! The best part of buying a book is in the wrapping part. I find this really relaxing. And over the years, I have found some new ways to wrap them too, so it is very interesting for me. Of course, the reading part is a given la, then why buy it in the first place right?

Hmm .... wonder if I can go again today, I missed out 2 gifts for Ryan's classmates' birthday coming up.


WSL said...

keep receipts for my tax deduction a ;P

Suzette said...

I also went there! But on Saturday... :)
DH was so worried that I would over spend and kept cautioning me before I left the house with my sister. Maybe partly because of his warning, and partly worried of losing my job, guess what? I ended up only bought 1 book for myself. That book is among the 3 what I have been wanting to buy, and almost bought online. :D

I am getting more and more picky these days. But agree with you, I feel very good with books. Although I have so many, and many of them unread (some still in wrappers), but I still keep on buying. Maybe that really worries DH. Hahaha!