Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kids should go to school everyday!

When Ryan first started school, hubby had a theory that he is better taught at school than being taught by us at home on matters like manners.
While I had disagree then, I must admit that it has some truth to it.

This morning, when I called Ryan to get up and changed, I was very surprised that he actully jumped up and wished me "Good morning mummy!" He usually will sulk and whine and cry. So this was a fresh change. He even willingly let me change him, drank his milk and came out of the room smiling. He also willingly went to brush his teeth!!

When we got to school, his teacher told me that actually she told them about this yesterday. She was telling them that when they wake up in the morning, they should be all happy and cheery and not whiny and crying. And the message stuck to them!! Can you believe that? Somebody they see for 4 hours a day versus us who they see more - they actually hear the teacher better than me!!

Hope he still remembers her words tomorrow morning.

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