Tuesday, December 18, 2007

15 Dec 2007

That's the date where my last paper of CFP was held.
If I am lucky, I will get a pass in February.
Else, I would be doing it again in June!!!

How was the paper?
Well, to be fair, it was alright.
But I did not have time to complete all the questions in both the papers, so I guess I could have done better.
The plus side is that most of my friends also could not finish.
So, I am hoping they will lower the bar : )

Anyway, the end was a good thing.
I guess I will stop studying for a while and go back to being a normal mum instead of a super busy mum!

How did I celebrate? I went book shopping and later to a movie with hubby.
The next day, I spent 2 hours keeping my notes away - I had strewn all the notes all over the floor, bed, sofa, everywhere!

Pray hard now .... Please God, let me get through this ....

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