Thursday, December 20, 2007

Should I? Should I not? Should I?

That was the question that was going through my head 2 nights ago.

It was whether to send Ryan to school or not. Well, actually it is not really a school, but a play school where kids as young as 2 years go to learn and play.

I have been to the selected school twice before just to see if Ryan likes it there and to see how he would react to the whole concept. I am thankful that Ryan seems to like it and has thus prompted me to enrol him.

However, I always compare what I had and what he has. I only went to kindy for 1 year and then went straight to Standard 1 and I survived well and knew all my ABC and 123 before I went to Standard 1. Why then do I need to send him at 2 years and 10 months?

I think the most compelling reason is that I want to minimise his time with nanny. Not that nanny is not good, it's just that she does not exactly uphold the values I like and it is difficult to insist on it when it is not natural for her. E.g. I am not agreeable to have kids watching TV whole day ... she had the TV on quite a bit. I do not like kids (nor adults) to be shouted .... nanny does that. I also do not like to have Ryan screaming ... am hoping that school will help him develop emotionally so that he is less stubborn and more accomodating.

After mush deliberation, I finally sent him to the school yesterday and registered him. Total fees including 4 months fees and 2 months deposit plus 3 pairs of uniform came to be about RM3,000!!!! I don't remember my parents spending this on me when I was in kindy, more like when I was in university.

Anyway, I am consoling myself by hoping that school will positively contribute to Ryan's development and hope it will also enforce his interest in learning and reading. I think these 2 qualities are the most important basics to our life long pursue of academic achievements.

Ryan did not let me down either ... he proudly proclaimed that he will go to school next year to make friends.

Here is to January 3rd 2008 - when my baby goes to school!!!

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