Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bumps and more

Just now I fetched Ryan from nanny and he was in an unusually happy mood.
He began to jump and skip and some where along the line, our legs met and he tripped and fell - face down, free fall, really.

Took him about half a milli second before he started to scream and yell.

Then the fright set in for me - he had a bad nose bleed and a big bump on his forehead. Really a lot of blood and really big bump.

He cried for about 1 minute, then he brushed his blood away and told me to "Go away" because he wanted to play.

I tell you, this guy is really scary. He does not seem to know pain, he only feels it for a while and then BAM! back to the usual.

Wonder if he will take all his future challenges this way ...

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