Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Of creations and more

Most boys are into moving machines - cars, trucks, trains, planes etc.

However, I noticed that Ryan is more into making things e.g. Lego sets, engineering sets etc. He never had a thing for cars and trucks and so, each time I buy him these, it ends up being on the shelf and not noticed again.

Lego sets and his engineering sets are a little different though. Ryan makes things out and tells us proudly what it is. Most of the time, it does resemble something of the real thing.

This image he made is apparently his aeroplane car-car.

By adding in 2 blocks at each end, you will get a truck.

Next, you will see that Ryan has made 2 cranes - one a normal crane and the other a BIG crane.

Then he proceeded to show us how he sees KLCC - complete with 2 buildings and a car.

The next image tops it all (sorry, I don't know how to rotate it), but if you look closely, you will see that Ryan has gotten an eye at the top, and 2 protruding places at the bottom, which is supposedly the building's pen*s and the other is the leg. He pointed to the building's pen*s and said that there is where th building will wee wee on mummy's floor.
We all burst out laughing .... obviously Ryan took that cue to say that he has done a good job - which he has.

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