Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Prices going up!!

Bloody prices of milk powder is going up again next month.

I started buying mega amounts of milk powder since early this year when Ryan decided he wanted bottled milk milk.

The price then was about RM21.xx for 700g of Enfa Grow. Yesterday, I was at the Chinese Medical Hall (supposedly the cheapest place to find milk powder) and guess what?! the price is now RM30.xx! Almost 43% INCREASE in prices in the span of 1 year!!!

Apparently, the prices are due to increase again next month. The reason was because there is a shortage of milk powder globally. I am not sure how that is since I don't think that the birth rate has gone up substantially. Or maybe people are just not rearing these cows anymore??

How does the average family cope with this type of increase?? And of course salary does not increase as much to keep up. Bloody government claim that inflation is manageable and below 2%?? I think they cannot count properly or that their basket of goods is totally outdated!!!

Either way, I am bloody pissed!!


patrickteoh said...

I can synpathise with you on the high prices of everything especially those fancy kid's milk formulas. Fortunately for me, my wife Min is a strong advocate of breast feeding. Our 2 children Laura (7) and Adam (4) were breast fed until they were 2. And as you can see from their photos on my blog they're just wonderful kids. Saved us a bunch of money from not having to buy milk powder and also hours of stress without having to lug around flasks of hot water, milk powder containers etc. You can't imagine how convenient it makes things when you are out shopping,travelling, at an event etc. You should try it for your next child.

Busy Bee said...

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for dropping by.

Yup, I too fed Ryan for 2 years ... actually till 2 Dec 2007! You are right about the cost and conveniece!