Thursday, December 20, 2007

Please don't be angry

Whenver Ryan knows he has upset me, he will ask "Mummy not angry ah?". This is a cue to me that I have to quickly make my anger subside so that I can say "No, mummy not angry". Why? Well because if I insist that I am angry, Ryan will be extremely upset and he will cry till I say I am no longer angry with him.

It is heart breaking sometimes knowing that my emotions matter so much to him that sometimes I cannot bring myself to be angry even when he is at his naughtiest.

Today, this conversation took a twist to show how much Ryan has grown.

Ryan: Mummy not angry ah?
Me: Mummy angry ah .... I told you not to run around and to hold my hand. You never listen, so mummy is angry.
Ryan: No, no, mummy don't angry please, please. Please mummy don't angry please. You must talk nicely ma, don't scream. Please mummy don't angry.
Me: Okla, mummy not angry anymore.

My heart melted. I am convinced he knows what getting angry means and what needs to be done/ said to defuse me. The thing is that because he knows this, it has made it more difficult to be angry at him. Little devil.

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