Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How Ryan reacts to Megan's poop

Last Sunday, we were home with Megan walking around in her walker and Ryan playing his stuff. Suddenly, Megan made a face and my mum said "Oh oh, think she is pooping." I pretended not to hear because I thought if her daddy walks through the door, I should be fine.
At last, no such luck. I had to change her nappies and found this here.

Aiya, had to change then, no choice. Just then Ryan came in and exclaimed in horror when he realised that Megan's poop had filled the air.

I had asked him to quickly grab a plastic bag for me to throw the wet tissues away. Off he went and he came back with a plastic bag and something else.

This is his make believe mask and he said this "Wear this, no smell one. Really." And he proceeded to go really close to the poop to inspect it. And all the while, he said no smell, despite the big big hole in the play. It was actually a toy and so, did not have any mask on it, just a mould to wear over the face.

After we cleaned Megan, Ryan still went to smell her buttock and loudly proclaimed "Megan still smells, like got ngm-ngm (poop)" He really did go and smell her, I was laughing mad picturing Ryan above and his believe that he cannot smell the poop despite being within inches from it.

Kids, they really brighten up my day.

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Kiasu Mom said...

Hahahahahahaha.... funny la...