Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hoarding milk powder

This post is inspiried by Kiasu Mom.

Fortunately for me, I pumped till Ryan was 2 years old. And so, I started to buy milk powder only from then. And since I bought it till now, I think the price has increased by 50%! Thanl goodness for the power of the breasts!

Whenver I go buy any of the Enfa series, I am told that this is the milk powder which increases its price fastest and yet, still has the most number of people buying it. And whenver I am told of a possible increase in prices, I will hoard and hoard the milk. I know, I am contributing to the inflations but then ...

The only reason I buy it is because it is from Mead Johnson and now I am beginning to think if the manufacturer is really so important.

Many years ago, I read some where that mothers are a funny kind. Whenever they pick up a can of milk powder, it must contain the most ingredients and that will be the can of choice. And it does not really matter WHAT those ingredients are nor how much is in it. But it must be the longest.

What about you? How do you choose your kid's milk powder?


Kiasu Mom said...

Busy Bee, I salute you for breastfeeding Ryan till 2. I was trying hard, or maybe not hard enough and it dried up when Hayley was 8 months old. Anyway... am glad I managed to not have to buy milk powder for 8 months.

As for choosing the brand, I think most mothers will just follow what other mothers would buy. Most of us do not really go into the detail of the contents (too lazy I guess) so if others are using this brand, it must be good :-) so just follow..

I chose Enfa because my sister gave her it to kids and told me its benefits. So I just follow lor.. lol

BTW, thanks for putting up the post on Gina Yong, I am surely going to attend her class to prepare myself for my next baby. I don't want to be afraid of not being able to breastfeed successfully.

Gina Yong said...

Hey Busy Bee. Thanks for your post on my work!! May we reach out to more mothers who will breastfeed successfully just like you.