Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ryan's concert

Last Friday, Ryan had his school concert and I was the one who was a little too excited and as a result did not get sufficient sleep.

No matter, the day came and I was up bright and early and could not wait to get Ryan off to school. It was his second concert and I must say, he has changed quite a bit.

Last year, he was offered the microphone but he shied away. This year, he took the mic confidently. He took it with such confidence that I could not help but to feel really proud of him. He recited his poem beautifully, sang heartily and even smiled and waved to us relentlessly. He also sang beautifully in Mandarin although I know that he did not really know some of the words.

The whole session ended with a "Save the earth" song which tells us adults to be really mindful of our ways so that we can preserve nature for the future generations. It lasted about 2 hours plus and we had tea afterward. My parents came too and we were in the audience and Ryan did not once attempt to run towards us. He just smiled and waved to us.

Ah ... the joys (and not) of being a parent. Hope to bring Megan to the one happening next year.

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