Friday, July 3, 2009

My kids, my motivation

When I first had Ryan, I was obsessed with quitting my job. I had wanted to be at home with my baby, seeing his little face, watching him smile, changing and feeding him. But I also had a concern, what will I do to sustain my income level?

Pretty soon, the spark fizzled and I was back to my old working self although I hated every minute I was away from Ryan.

4 years on and with Megan's arrival, I have this itch again. This time, my motivation is no longer what it was with Ryan. I no longer want to be a stay at home mum, rather I want to be a mum who can devote her time for her kids AND run something on the side with income exceeding my current levels. Looks ambitious huh?

But I have a great friend who has shown me that it is indeed possible. That it is not a task that is too difficult to accomplish. That my dreams of being with my kids when they come back from school is not going to remain a dream anymore. That it is possible to sustain my lifestyle plus so much more.

So here I am, looking at my kids, admiring them, adoring them, thinking, planning, realising that my dreams is on its way to becoming true. Kids are truly a miracle. They make us mummies want to do things for them, they make us mummies want to do things because of them.

My kids are truly my motivation.

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Gina Yong said...

It's possible... it's highly possible. Go ahead. Be ambitious! Your kids are highly worth it!