Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Megan and her accidents

I wrote about Megan falling off the bed some time in June. Two days ago, she did it again!

This time though, it was in the morning. I had placed her in the middle of the bed thinking that it would take her some time to roll to the edge. I was in the bathroom, about a nano second away, brushing Ryan's teeth.

However, with the force of my milk milk, she managed to roll herself over to the edge in seconds and "poop", she was on the floor!! Thankfully though, in both times, God was watching over her and she landed on a bolster which protected her head.

She let out a cry but was smiling when her daddy picked her up.

Today, she was involved in another accident. She literally flew out of her walker. Ryan was pushing her around and then I heard her screamed.

Her walker over turned and she was lying on the floor, body half out of the walker and she was so shocked, she could not move herself. I lifted her out and inspected her, no harm done except for the eye socket area which hit the metal stand of her rocker. It turned red.

I looked at Ryan, wanting to scold, then remembered it was only an accident and I am sure he did not mean any harm. True enough, his eyes turned red and teary and then he started to cry when he saw Megan crying!

The wheels on the rocker caught the carpet and resulted in the walker over turned when it was pushed with force. I am sure Ryan felt guilty and he was sorry. I hugged both of them and gradually the tears and cries subsided.

Sigh, parenting is always a learning process and I am learning well everyday.

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