Sunday, June 14, 2009

Megan fell off the bed!!

On Thursday, I slept at 1.20am. At 2.30am, I woke up when I head a loud "THUD!"

I thought it was Ryan knocking against the wall or something in his sleep. Actually it was Megan falling off the bed!!! Thankfully there were some bags on the floor and so, we was spared from feeling the hard floor on her body and head. It did not stop her from the shock though and she cried for a while.

I figured it must have been when she turned and flipped herself off the bed despite me putting some pillows to prevent her from falling over. I was in such a shock that I did not know what to do apart from calling out to my mum.

after examining her, we thought that she was ok and after nursing her, she went back to sleep. I am so thankful that she is ok. Now, I think I have to get the bed rail for our beds. I already have one on one side for Ryan and think now I have to get the other side's for Megan.

Sigh, I must be more careful next time.

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Kiasu Mom said...

I can so relate to this.. hayley fell off the sofa when she was 5 weeks old..