Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I have heel spurs

A couple of months ago, I injured myself while doing Body Combat at the gym. I felt a sharp pain when I landed on my right leg in the middle of the workout and it had not been the same since.

At first, I thought that I would just leave it, but then it got more and more painful to the point that I cannot walk properly. That is when I decided to seek help, but who??

Thankfully my neighbour is a sports doctor (well, he told me what he was, but I forgot, so we will call him the sports doctor) and he has seen my cases all too often. While he assured me that it was not very serious, I cannot help but to wonder why then does it take so long to heal.

Apparently, heel spur is a condition where you will feel a sharp bony projection on the bottom of the heel that pokes the bottom of your foot causing you pain. Painful heel spurs are actually a result of damage to the soft tissue at the bottom of the foot.

So you can imagine me with this pain. Gone are my heels as well as flats. I have to wear soft insoles to support my wrecked foot. If left unchecked, my neighbour said it can lead to chipped bones at my heel, and then a surgery is needed.

I have been going to my neighbour to seek relief but sadly, it is not very apparent yet if my pain will go away. It doe feel better after the treatments but it is still not back to normal and I have yet to go back to Body Combat yet.

Arghh!!! Please pain, go away!

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Gina Yong said...

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