Friday, June 12, 2009

Hazy hazy days

This photo was taken from my balcony.
On an ordinary day, we can see KLCC clearly and it is even more beautiful at night with the lights blinking and all. On clearer days, we can even see the lights at Genting.
Now, I cannot even see the development area behind my place. Look at all the haze. Some may even think that it is mist if they do not know where I took it from.
All this haze is making me quite agitated. All the heat and stickiness, not to mention the tempers flying too. And they say we will see 3 degrees higher in temperature and may last till September.
Today, they say we may be heading for water rationing.
I am at my mum's now and even sitting still and blogging will make me sweat! Air-conds are switched on all day. I think I am partly to be blamed for the global warming saga, but if I don't switch on the damn air-conds, my kids will be screaming and my tempers will flare.

How la?? Hazy hazy days, please go away.

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