Thursday, June 25, 2009

Megan is 5.5 months old!

Yay! Megan is 5.5 months old! And this is what she can do now:
* More mobile
* Able to roll right over and over and over
* Soothe herself when upset, most times I will be there though
* Be able to add new sounds to her vocabulary almost everyday, well almost!
* Be able to scan room and follow a moving object with her eyes as her vision improves
* Be learning about cause and effect, much to the amusement of her brother
* Be able to recognize herself in the mirror, she usually will smile and shy away
* Love repetition and enjoy doing the same thing again and again
* Try to sit up unaided
* Pivot whole body in preparation for creeping or moving
* Pull up to standing position from sitting

Was told that she too should:
* Practice her talking skills with single syllable words such as 'da', 'ba' and 'ma' - not noticeable yet
* Be able to do push ups with arms so that she lifts her head, upper chest up off the floor - not really
* Use her mouth to test the temperature and properties of different foods - I did not allow this yet
* Begin to understand object permanence - no quite since she cries whenever I move away from the room
* Be able to transfer an object from one hand to the other - not yet, Megan grabs with both hands though
* Start sleeping through the night - not a chance since she is still breastfeeding
* Babble combining vowels and consonants e.g. ga-ga-ga, ma-ma-ma etc. - not yet apparent

Isn't it fast? My little girl is growing so quickly now. I am just loving her more and more each day.

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Kiasu Mom said...

Wow.. time really flies. In a few more months your nightmare will begin - Megan runnng around, trying to touch and grab everything, knocking herself here and there.. hehe.