Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Last Sunday was Father's Day and we went back to PD for a change instead of getting my folks up to KL. We intended to have breakfast on Sunday but instead became brunch. My mum said that their house in PD is a recuperation centre, everyone who goes back there sleeps exceptionally well!

Between Avillion and The Thistle, we decided on The Thistle, mainly because it is new in town. You can see below how nice the environment is from the lobby to the poolside to the garden.

We went to its Glass restaurant. We had called earlier and was told that the buffet ends at 11am. We reached at 9.45am. However, upon reaching, we were told that the buffet table will close at 10.15am! What a disappointment! But wanting to celebrate anyway, we went to get as much food as possible and then sat down to enjoy it.

Needless to say, we were all so stuffed with food that nobody really wanted to walk, much less in the sun. But Ryan was so excited about flying his kite at the beach that we all had to go with him. It was actually quite windy - luckily!

We spent close to 2 hours by the beach watching Ryan and his daddy fly kite and play in the sand, Megan was nursing and sleeping quite a bit despite the heat. We even undressed her to give her a quick shower, she was happy! We also bought some ice-cream and it was melting faster than we can lap it up! Although we were all ready to go, I think Ryan felt a little heavy hearted.

We left at about 1pm and came back all tired and happy.

It was my dad's 35th year of celebrating Father's Day and only the 4th for my hubby. May we all have many more Father's Day to come!

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